Luis de Lis Design 

Luis Alonso is from Madrid, Spain. His professional career started in his 20’s as a contemporary dancer, collaborating with prestigious international companies.

At the end of the 90’s, Luis moved to Ibiza where he refocused his career in the world of fashion and design. The island, its spirit the freedom that is characteristic of the location sparked his creative sensibility for jewellery and accessory design.

Self-taught in jewellery design, all his creations have their own identity. Each piece is unique and handmade, combining natural materials such as semi-precious stones, leather and solid brass with silver and gold plated in perfect harmony.

His creations employ traditional craftsmanship alongside new technologies and 3D design. Luis de Lis’s designs are bold and fashionable. Each piece is unique which evokes an emotional connection with the body that adorns it.

Luis’ purpose is to achieve a design which is empathetic with the person who wears it as well as enhancing their own beauty.