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Luis de Lis jewerly are meticulously hand-crafted in Spain with natural materials, inspired and created on the magical island of Ibiza. Jewelry with soul, daring, with their own character.

The craftsmanship of each piece makes each jewel unique. We offer fashion handmade jewelry for men.

Men's jewelry Luis de Lis is the perfect complement to create your own style and give a modern, bold and masculine touch to your look.

Discover the designer jewelry for men by Luis de Lis. Buy and choose from a large selection of jewelry types such as belts, pendants, necklaces, wallet chains, bracelets and rosaries.

You can combine belts with braided leather pendants, multi-chain necklaces, semiprecious bracelets, leather bracelets, metal bracelets, wallet chains, semiprecious and metal rosaries. Jewelry designs by Luis de Lis.